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Are you craving delicious vegan dishes? Perhaps you simply want to try them? Join the vegan dining events of SacredExploration in Lafayette, CA. We serve mouth-watering vegan dishes inspired by international cuisines. Browse through our gallery to learn more about our menu offerings.

Kathy Bate, Interior Designer and Food Specialist

“Lisa provided a lovely multi-layered dining experience that was very educational as well as scrumptious and uplifting! She guided us through the journey of letting go of a food issue that no longer serves us and planting the seed for a healthier practice.”



Imperfectly Vegan Dining Events

Presentations and Workshops

How is your appetite for life?
Are you wishing for more adventure? Or just better sleep?
Would you like to project a more robust and vibrant appearance?
Could your libido use nourishment?
Are you taking advantage of your nightly dreams?
Are you lacking intimate emotional connections with another or others?
Would you like to heal a chronic health condition?
What do you want that you don’t already have?

With completely new insights on the spiritual and nutritional dynamic, Lisa introduces participants to new ways of being in a relationship with food. Bringing home the fact that plant-based eating can happen most anywhere, she is revolutionizing the way we eat through her ImperfectlyVegan approach. She provides simple, sustainable, and affordable ways for individuals to take greater self-responsibility for their well-being while contributing to our greatest hope for environmental well-being.

Elizabeth Y. Wolfe, Managing Editor

California Fresh Harvest
A Seasonal Journey Through Northern California

“Lisa Ota touched me at the core and transformed my way of thinking about food. Ota simplifies the incredibly complex choices presented to us today when deciding how to feed ourselves and our families.”

Steve Richard, Sustainability Leader

“Lisa is an amazing resource for nutrition education, counseling, and advice. Every time she’s presented to parents at our school, it’s been followed by glowing emails about how helpful it was and how we need more information like that. She has an enthusiasm and friendly, non-intimidating style that everyone seems to appreciate.”

Speaking Topics Include

  • The Sacred Art of Eating
  • The Sacred Art of Dreaming
  • The Tantra of Nutrition
  • Eating with Consciousness and Intention
  • Steps for Reaching Enlightenment in the 21st Century
  • Eating to Support Personal and Environmental Well-being
  • The Shaman’s Path to Aligning Body and Spirit
  • Sustainability for the Planet and the Pocketbook


Kathrine Lee, Founder of Pure Hope Foundation

“Full of grace, The Sacred Art of Eating invites us into a higher level of thinking and eating. Without shame and judgment, Lisa Tremont Ota beautifully empowers us with our greatest gift: choice. No matter what your current relationship with food, this book will compel you to make choices that literally feed your life.”

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Whether you just have begun practicing the imperfectly vegan lifestyle or have been enjoying it for years, we guarantee that you will definitely like the vegan dishes we have for our guests. Get in touch with us using the contact information provided on this website to learn more about our dining events. We look forward to hearing from you!