Health, Spiritual, and Environmental Advocate

How did deciding between types of grain lead people to stand paralyzed in the cereal aisle of their local grocery store? How has making choices about what to eat evolve into a nation obsessed with one fad diet after another? How is it possible that so many people don’t have enough to eat when the planet serves up enough for everyone?
A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with degrees in nutrition and spirituality, Lisa is uniquely qualified to help us understand our dynamic relationship with food. Her passion about the unbreakable links between food and spirituality is the result of over twenty years of academic, professional, and personal exploration. In 1987, she graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics and received the Nutrition Sciences Departmental Citation Award. In 1990, she earned a Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition from UC Berkeley with High Honors. Lisa speaks regularly about the benefits of following a plant-based lifestyle and encourages people to supplement their diet with JuicePlus+ whole food nutrition.

Believing that something deeper and unrecognized courses through our decisions about food, she pursued a Master of Arts degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality at Holy Names College in 1996. Pregnant with her first child, this was a powerfully transformative time in which she began to understand the principles of co-creation. As she strengthened her understanding of our cosmic interconnectedness, her appreciation of our relationship with each other and the planet grew immensely. In time, she became a Shamanic Soul Coach and Sacred Courtesan with certifications from the Integrative Arts Institute in Oakland, CA. It was there that she began to understand how to work with the many parts of ourselves and to tap into the power of transformation on many levels. Her mission is to bring us into a closer relationship with the divine for the benefit of our individual, communal, and environmental well-being. She is a proud native of the San Francisco Bay Area.

What Does it Mean to be Imperfectly Vegan?

Following the book’s metaphorical dinner party format, Lisa hosts unique IMPERFECTLY VEGAN™ dining experiences which provide a delicious and entertaining format in which to practice the book’s messages.

Being Imperfectly Vegan is about making a commitment to life.

Being Imperfectly Vegan offers all the health advantages of being vegan without undue pressure to be absolutist or extremist.

The degree to which someone is Imperfectly Vegan depends on his or her personal level of commitment, experience, and circumstances, all of which may change at different points in time.

Being Imperfectly Vegan is a lifestyle, not a destination.